Quilt Whisperers is Changing

Let’s just get this out right now, I HATE CHANGE!  I’ve never been good with change.  Probably because we moved so much when I was growing up.  So it’s with a heavy heart and lots of tears that I’m saying goodbye to the other half of Quilt Whisperers.  Lori and her husband, Mike, are headed to Texas for good this week. She’s been down there looking for work for a few weeks. They came back this week to empty the house.  Mike has been working in Texas for a year while Lori stayed behind to get the house ready to sell and plan a wedding for her daugther.  Now Kyndal is married to her sweetheart, Keifer, and the house is ready to sell or rent. So it’s off to Texas she goes.  She’s found a job and is looking forward to finally being back with her husband but so, so sad to be leaving her kids and parents, nieces and nephews, in-laws, me and Tywanda (That’s the name we gave our longarm).

I bought Lori out of the machine. Now I’m quilting from my house.  The business will go on.  I recently left my job to stay home and quilt more as well as spend more time with my grandkids.  Lori will continue to consult with me on quilt designs.  I’m lost without her help. Thank goodness for cell phones, Skype, email, picture mail, etc!  She plans on starting her own ‘branch’ of Quilt Whisperers once she gets settled.

I’m really going to miss her whether it’s spending time in the quilt room, heading to Godfather’s for birthday celebrations, Holidays or just hanging out.

Out of my daily life, but NEVER out of my Heart.

Goodbye Lori! Love ya Sis,


About quilnei1

After a 2005 house fire that was a total loss, Lori's family rebuilt on the same spot they had raised their children in since coming to Minnesota in 1996. In the process of choosing house plans, Lori and her sister Joni, began to dream. The dream included a quilt studio, a room large enough to hold a longarm quilt machine. Now after 6 years, the dream is a reality. Lori has quilted occasionally over the years as has Joni. For the last 13 years Joni has run a small sewing business out of her home making leotards for area gymnastic teams. Both sisters come from a family of quilters - mom, aunts, daughters and grandma have all built the tradition into the family. Now we are offering longarm quilt services for hire. Please contact us in you have quilt tops that you need to have finished into quilts.
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