Allover Quilting – Allover designs are a continuous, same color thread quilting design that goes from edge to edge. This will preserve the original quilt design while adding texture and securing your quilt. This is a great place to start. $18 square yard (.014 square inch)

Allover with Borders – Choose one pattern for the borders and a different allover design for the body of the quilt. Up to two thread colors included. This really makes your borders stand out. $22 a square yard (.017 square inch)

Custom – Choose different designs for your blocks and your borders.                             Perfect for an extra special quilt.

  • Custom Level 1: $26 square yard (.02 square inch) Open designs plus one border, No SID.
  • Custom Level 2: $32 square yard (.025 square inch) More designs/quilting, 2-3 borders, some SID.
  • Custom Level 3: $39 square yard (.03 square inch ) Dense stitching, multiple designs and borders, major SID.

Basting – We secure your layers together with rows of 1″ long basting stitches 4″ apart. Great for hand quilting. $9 a square yard.

Prepare the Backing – We seam the backing fabric that you provide, removing selvages, square for quilting and iron. $15

Backing – We can provide 108″ wide backing for a seamless finish to the back of your quilt. Contact us for colors and cost.

Squaring the backing – We’ll provide you information on how to square up the back of your quilt. If you prefer we can square your quilt backing for you. There is no charge if you square it yourself, $15 if we do it.

Thread Charges – There is no charge for thread unless there are multiple thread changes or special requests. If you would like more color changes than are included in each level of quilting, we can discuss this on a case by case basis.  Varigated thread is also available and is the only thread we charge an additional $5 for.

Batting – We can provide batting or use what you bring to us.  We have:

  • Hobbs Poly Lo Loft Polyester 108″ wide – $6 a linear yard
  • Soft & Bright Thin 100% Polyester  90″ wide – $6 a linear yard
  • Warm & White 100 % Cotton 90″ wide –  $9 a linear yard
  • Pellon Legacy 100% Cotton 120″ wide – $9 a linear yard

To figure your estimated cost: Take the length x width (in inches) to find the total square inches. Divide by 1296 (# of sq. inches in a sq yard) Multiply that number times your choice of design to find the cost of quilting.

Square Yard – Example:

60″x 80″= 4800 sq. inches Divided by 1296 = 3.7 yards times $18 sq. yard = $66.66

Square Inch – Example:

60″x80″= 4800 sq. inch x .014 = $67.20

Please contact us for estimates or questions.

Joni Neiman  507-340-1591 – Minnesota Quilter

Lori Endress  507-340-8162 – Texas Quilter

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