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The quickest way to reach me is by email or phone.

Phone number:  1-507-340-1591

The quilt studio is located at 801 Park Row, Saint Peter, MN 56082


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  1. Sherry Kusick says:

    Hi Joni & Lori
    I would really like to know your pricing and patterns. I am getting my
    Quilts done in Missouri right now and would like to find someone close
    by who has reasonable pricing.

  2. Lyla Vertein says:

    I have two quilts I would like to have quilted. One is sort of a log cabin, off set,. 95 x 95. the other is a Halloween one about 76×54.

    Let me know price and if I send you batting and back, or just backking.

    Thank you., got your card from a lady at a kquilt retreat last fall near Annandale.

    Lyla 952 831 0239

  3. Debra Jellema says:

    I just finished my first quilt top 40×56; I have the batting and baking material. I would like your $18.00 choice per yard plus squaring. What would be your timeline to get this done. Thank you so much! Debra Jellema.

    • quilnei1 says:

      I’m sorry I didn’t see this message until today. If you still need a quilter, please let us know. Otherwise, I hope you were able to find someone to take care of you. I was traveling most of the summer and into September. I manage the website while Lori was home quilting. I’m really sorry for not responding to you sooner.

      We’re getting ready for a quilt shop (where we’ll have a booth). It’s the St. Peter Ewe-nique Quilt Guild Show on Oct 12 and 13 at in the Fellowship Hall at Jesus Assembly in St. Peter. If you attend stop by and say hi and get a free fat quarter 4 pack bundle. Make sure you tell me who you are, this is an offer just for you. Thank you, Joni

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